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Camping or open-air hotels has become the most popular vacation spot for the French. The possibility of staying with family and friends, the availability of activities and leisure activities, on-site entertainment and conviviality are among the main reasons for this craze. In general, it is during the summer that the open air hotels are taken by storm. However, it is also possible to go camping in the low season. Follow our tips for enjoying a camping vacation in every season.

Camping in the high season - pros, cons and tips for making the most of the holiday

Summer is the time of year when most vacationers decide to go camping. It doesn't have to be a choice, as you have to fit in school vacation dates and work vacations. Whatever the reason, camping during the high season between July and August has its advantages. 

What are the benefits of camping vacations during high season?

Going on vacation between July and August means enjoying the good weather. You can take advantage of your camping trip to go swimming, sunbathe by the beach and have a barbecue party. If you want to camp in a tent, this is the best time of the year. To keep campers happy, most campsites organize entertainment, theme nights and many activities during the summer. Camping during the high season is therefore to enjoy these different events, which will make the stay an unforgettable moment. 

What can be the disadvantages?

Aside from these advantages, camping vacations during the high season can have a few disadvantages. The first is probably the very high price of pitches and accommodation. Indeed, during the high season, the campsites are full. If you want to go on vacation while limiting your expenses, the high season is not the best time. Besides the price, it is also during the high season that the campsites are the busiest. In addition to the high number of visitors, you should book your rental or pitch early to take advantage of the best offers and choose the type of accommodation that suits you. If you want to stay in a quieter atmosphere and avoid the crowds, it's best to arrange the stay outside the high season. 

Tips and tricks for enjoying camping vacations during high season

If you have no choice but to go on a camping holiday during the high season, these tips will help you have a great time. First of all, we advise you to book your stay early, before the establishments reach their full capacity, in order to take advantage of the low-price rentals. It is best to make your reservation during the month of February. If not, wait until the last moment to take advantage of last minute offers. It is also recommended to plan your stay either during the first two weeks of July or the last week of August. In general, prices are still reasonable during these two periods and most establishments still have enough space. Likewise, there will still be fewer vacationers.

Camping during the off-season - pros, cons and tips

Drop season refers to the period outside the school vacations. For a successful camping vacation, you can choose to go in the spring or fall. This option allows you to enjoy the benefits of the low season and avoid the crowds at the campsites. Like staying during the high season, camping during the off-season also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Off-season camping - the main advantages

Taking advantage of the best price deals is the main advantage of low season camping. Since there will be fewer holidaymakers, you can choose the pitch or accommodation that suits you, without having to make a reservation too far in advance. That's not all, the rental prices are also cheaper than during the summer.  In addition, off-season stays are also a better opportunity to enjoy camping activities. If you want to visit the historical monuments and tourist attractions in the city, you can do so while avoiding the crowds and their inconvenience. As for the weather, autumn and spring allow you to enjoy the good weather without having to suffer from the heat wave. This is a very common problem in the summer, which may be a blockage, especially for families with young children.  In addition to spring and fall, it is also possible to go camping in winter, during the Christmas vacations. This choice also brings many benefits:
  • Enjoy an idyllic setting and appreciate the magical scenes, often presented in Christmas movies (snowball fight, skiing, cocooning atmosphere in the chalet...),
  • Lying in the snow,
  • Observing animals in their winter environment,
  • Practice skiing, snowboarding and Nordic hiking,
  • Enjoy family friendly time and a comfortable winter cabin,
  • Enjoy great prices.  

Low season camping - what are the drawbacks?

Most campsites provide plenty of entertainment and activities during the high season. If you choose to stay during the low season, you may not be able to enjoy these events. However, if you want to relax in peace and quiet, the low season is the right time. As far as the weather is concerned, it is more or less uncertain outside the summer. But if you like rain and cooler temperatures, nothing prevents you from booking your camping trip in April, November or why not during the winter.

Tips and tricks for an off-season camping trip

If you prefer to plan your camping trip in the off-season, here are some handy tips for an unforgettable vacation. Before you leave, don't forget to check with the establishment of your choice to see if it is open or closed. Also, find out which facilities are closed in the low season. If you want to enjoy a friendly atmosphere, ask if all the entertainment and activities are still on. As for the climate and weather, it is highly recommended to pack accessories and clothes to deal with rain and cool weather.  

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