Camping essentials

For a successful camping trip, you should have everything, but go light. Aside from personal items, you should also bring other accessories and equipment, which vary depending on the location and facility of your choice. 

What to pack for tent camping

If you want to go tent camping, the accessories and equipment in your backpack are not enough. This mode of vacation requires a lot of accessories, especially those related to setting up the tent. Before you leave, make sure you have:
  • A tent with the necessary accessories,
  • A repair kit in case the tent is torn,
  • A mosquito net,
  • A padlock to close the tent,
  • A solar charger to charge the cell phone,
  • A sleeping bag,
  • Towel paper and trash bags,
  • A first aid kit,
  • Drinking water cans if the camping location is far from a source of drinking water,
  • Reusable plastic plates and silverware,
  • Staple and canned foods,
  • Airtight cans to keep food safe from heat and insects,
  • Food wrap to wrap sweet treats. 
If you're going on vacation during rainy periods, don't forget to bring a squeegee to create a gutter around the tent. A waterproofing spray is also necessary in case your tent fabric loses its permeability. 

Equipment needed for motorhome vacations

Compared to camping in a tent, a motorhome vacation brings many benefits. It offers more comfort with much more room to take your personal belongings. To fully enjoy your stay, you can start organizing and packing your accessories and equipment before you leave. Nevertheless, there are a few necessary materials that you need to take along besides your clothes and personal belongings:
  • A toolbox to carry out small repairs on the motorhome,
  • A puncture-proof spray to provide temporary protection and allow you to continue driving for a limited time, depending on the situation,
  • Wastewater care products,
  • Vehicle papers,
  • A laundry net to separate clean from dirty laundry,
  • A storage box for electronic accessories.
Traveling in a motorhome also gives you the opportunity to pack some recreational equipment. Depending on your destination, consider taking your children's bikes, outdoor recreation equipment (racquetballs for the whole family, soccer ball, bocce balls), card games for games of belote as well as other board games. If you are going to camp on the beach, you will need to bring beach equipment such as buckets and shovels to build sandcastles and a volleyball to play beach volleyball. If you are camping in the mountains or in the countryside, don't forget to bring the equipment for a hike. If you still have room in your camper, bring some folding chairs and a folding garden table. They allow you to set up a small, friendly dining area outside the vehicle. 

The gear you need for a camping vacation

To ensure your comfort during your camping vacation, establishments offer cottage and mobile home rentals. This option brings you real comfort, especially if you want to camp for a week or more. In Le Suroit campground, various accommodations are offered and it is up to you to choose according to the level of comfort you are looking for. There are mobile homes with terraces for four, six or more people, bare pitches for motorhomes and chalets with TV that can accommodate up to six people or more. Even if you opt for this type of accommodation, there are a few things you should pack for your vacation:
  • A camera with its charger,
  • A hi-fi speaker if you want to put some music in your mobile home,
  • Towels for your trips to the pool or beach,
  • A lightweight towel or fouta for sunbathing,
  • A small toiletry bag that can hold a pair of plastic sandals, a towel, soap, a suction cup mirror.
If you're going on vacation with kids, don't forget to pack a stuffed animal or a child's mobile. These small accessories allow them to find a familiar object that can reassure them to fall asleep easily. 

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